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Default Re: Gooden will put the Spurs over the top.

Originally Posted by Vancouver-Grizz
With all the Iverson, Joe Smith/Cavs, Marbury/Celtics threads, no one really posted anything indepth about the Spurs.

Gooden in my opinion puts them right up there. Another scoring threat down low will relieve alot of pressure off Timmy. With another month or so left in the season and Manu coming back, they are right on target for their annual playoff push.

As boring as some people say the Spurs are, they are the model team for the last decade. I actually enjoy watching them play as I find them one of the most unselfish teams out there. Gooden will help them alot. Spurs never repeat but they didn't win the championship last year.

If the whole team has their healthy they will be tough to beat. I still think the Lakers are better though.. Especially if bynum comes back.. Even without Bynum ,I think the Lakers have a better top three than the Spurs...
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