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Default Re: Gooden will put the Spurs over the top.

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
gooden would be a key sixth man for the spurs. rockets woiuld have benefitted more if they would have signed gooden, especially since carl landry is injury prone, and they never play chuck hayes and joey dorsey.

Landry sprained his ankle, big freaking whoop. A sprained ankle doesn't make you "injury prone". Plus didn't Gooden have a groin injury...those type of injuries always come back to bite you in the ass.

Houston doesn't need Gooden, he's a poor man's Scola and Landry compliments Scola better than Gooden ever could.

BTW, Joey Dorsey is out for the year.....that's why he doesn't get playing time and Chuck Hayes does get time, he's a defensive stopper and when we need that defense (like we will in the playoffs) he gets time.
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