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Default Re: I just saw the biggest rat I've ever seen in my life

I don't hate rats to this day but I should. A few years back me and my friends spent the night in this abandoned house that was supposedly haunted from this old lady that died there. It was the girls idea, but we went because we could drink without being hassled out there. Anyways I passed out on top of my sleeping bag because it was hot. In the middle of the night I feel a prick on my ear and my hand comes back with blood when I touch it. I figure I just scratched it on something and went back to sleep. Then I get pricked again on my toe and I can see blood coming through my sock. I was like WTF and turned on a lantern but I was drunk and passed out again. Then ANOTHER prick wakes me up and I can see another blood spot on my sock. I then look in the shadows and I see this big f'king rat, MF'ER IS EATING ME! It runs away but I get a .45 pistol that my friend(liberated it from his dad's safe) has in the truck and I tuck that baby in with me and settle back in. I am about to fall to sleep again and that f'r creeps back AGAIN, so I take aim and shoot. The blast sounded like a cannon in that little house. I missed the bastard and everyone went apesh't on me, but I didn't get bit no more that night.
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