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Default Re: Iverson is fine with coming off the bench

Originally Posted by mattevans11
what do you want.... someone to get props for saying he is okay with it..... that doesnt mean that he is really fine with it...... he is not going to come out and say..."I need to start", if he did that he might as well pack his bags, cause he would get booed out of his own building.....

giving him credit is like clapping at myself everytime i take a breath...... AI is a little whiny girl.....

My point is there's been a million threads about AI lately and the majority of posters have bashed AI and his ego saying he would throw a fit about coming off the bench. Now when we get his reaction to it, and he's totally fine with it, the same people who SPECULATED he would have a problem, are not going to say s*** about it. And seriously, how are you going to call him a "little whiny girl" right now, when he's doing what everyone is expecting him to do without a complaint? Thats the type of stuff I'm talking about. He hasn't done anything about this bench situation to warrant the type of hate he's getting. Rip has done alot more whining about this situation then AI, and I'm talking about even before either one was sent to the bench.

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