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Default Re: What is your stance on embryonic stem cell research?

Originally Posted by Clifton
No one will die ------> Overpopulation -----------> People will die.

Many present points with the assumption that we can somehow supersede the laws of nature. We can't. We can for a little while, but it will always come back to bite us.

So is that an agreement?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I have a solution: Shoot yourself.

While that was a funny (and creative) joke, it actually is a serious issue. No, stem cells will not make humans immortal by any means, but their use would certainly throw off the current balance of things. With people ****ing like it's going out of style, many countries, including our own, are already battling overpopulation. This shift in the balance of births/deaths will just speed this up. People don't understand how scary overpopulation is. Imagine how uncomfortable life could be. It won't show itself in your lifetime, but it is scary to consider possible consequences of stem cell research. This has nothing to do with morality or political connotations, it is simply practical.
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