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Default Re: Reason why I hate the younger generation

Originally Posted by Brujesino

hey i was really poor gorwing up so i had to borrow tapes from my freinds

i remember the first one porn i ever saw was called gushing orgasms

I must've been 14 when I saw my first magazine and 15 til I saw my first movie.

And here's the sad/gay/pitiful part about it.....

It was always like.... "I got this porn magazine that I stole from my uncle" so it would be 3 of us staring at it. Or going to that one dude that has those bad parents house, to watch porn. So its yourself and 4 other dudes watching porn in some other dude's house.

It kinda defeats its purpose because you can't do anything.

And Oh lord save your soul if you have to get up to get something!

These lucky bastards have porn in their CELL PHONES!!!!!


You can have videos with you in the restroom now!!!! forget looking at the SEARS catalog bra section, these lucky fuhchers have portable porn that they can take into the restroom. We had to REMEMBER the small glimpse of what could've been a titty from the scrambled reception while we were in the john.

And if a different thought popped into your head and messed up your concentration.... well there it goes.... *sigh* had to look for the closest thing that could get you back in the mood.

Oh well... Reader's Digest'll do for now.
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