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Default Re: Man front page pacers news sux!

I've known we've never been a very profitable franchise, and I question the bookkeeping on that "losses in 26 of 28 years" claim. But I'm legitimately afraid of losing the Pacers, very much so. Detroit autoworker unions made concessions just days ago, if your average joe is willing to make sacrifices, millionaires paid to play a game better damn well be to. This means a hard cap, MAJOR salary drops, the riddance of fully guaranteed contracts (finally), some form of renogotiantion of revenue sharing, and yes, the folding of teams who can't compete.

By the time this economic crisis ends, pro sports and I think especially the NBA are going to be drastically different, regardless of whatever lip service David Stern pays to pacify sponsors. A tax increase will NOT happen, it's career suicide for any politician that would propose it. We all love basketball and the Pacers, but if you have a problem with major banks and corporations running their companies into the ground then asking the citizens to foot the bill for the fix while they keep their jobs, how can you not with this?

PS&E has been run horribly the last few years. How long did we have Bird and Walsh with the same job title making millions? Now we have Bird AND Morway making bank, why do we need both? How many guys from the ole boys' club have cushy front office jobs like Sam Perkins making hundreds of thousands to do....what? Hang out? Now the Simons (god love em) want a sweeter deal then they already have just because the Colts were able to rob the city more efficiently?

Another thing that's sure to go is the Fever. The Fieldhouse has to hold X number of dates for their games that could go to actual profitable ventures. It'll be a shame, I really don't think they're that much of a drag on the bottom line, but they're gone in my view. Get rid of that retarded ABA agreement with St. Louis, does that thing ever expire, hasn't an agreement been tried in oh, the last 3 damn decades?

Bottom line, the NBA business model is broken. Things can only keep getting bigger and better for so long until it all falls apart (this is my view of America in a nutshell). After the Seattle fiasco, I saluted the city for not giving into the greedy will of a scumbag owner. Should the Pacers leave, I will suredly weep like a baby, but I will have much the same feelings in the long run as I do towards Seattle. I realize there's always the next city willing to give free prime real estate and $200 million + palaces to billionaires for free so they can have another status symbol in their little circle of cigar puffing, private jet riding, caviar eating, taxpayer swindling buddies, but eventually that well of cities will run dry, I hope.

In short, the NBA and the Pacers need to get their own house in order before they want ANYTHING more from this city. If they don't, **** em, I've got Purdue to root for.

Just such a shame of the timing of all this. Read the comments on the Indy Star articles, full of idiots whose only input is "team of thugs, screw em." I felt like we were finally about to turn the corner with the fanbase alienation, and now this.

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