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Default Re: KBR, the US contractor in Iraq (and Afghanistan) pays no taxes and is being sued

Originally Posted by Hawker
Hey idiot, I was referring to the taxes part of the article and not being eletrocuted. Gawd you're a dumbfuck. I was referring to tax laws. Your reading comprehension is fucking bad.

And I'm retarded because I want to hear both sides of the story before I make a legit opinion. I wasnt even defending this. I was being skeptical.

And once again, you dont have a good sense of knowledge of how Halliburton works You're better off not making any opinions on it anymore.

KBR didnt make us go to war. Bush and Cheney did. You're still missing the point. Very sad.

How dare I use logic!
As mentioned, the government didn't create the tax code so that corporations can hide their money from it in the Cayman Islands. You can curse and rant all you want but it isn't masking the weakness of your argument or the stupidity of defending KBR/Halliburton. You want to know what I know about the workings of Halliburton? I know they hire unqualified people and ignore safety regulations to minimize expenses and thus maximize profit. I would say you're the one with suspect info, as just a few weeks ago you were going on and on about how they were the only ones that could take on Iraq. But now we know that they have been doing a terrible job. This isn't even the only example posted on this messageboard. So either you're a liar or an idiot. Probably both.

KBR didn't start the war, that's technically true...but an ex-Halliburton CEO that was thus in control of KBR was instrumental from his seat as Vice President. Moving forwards, I don't know how feasible it is for Obama to have these people replaced but he ought to.
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