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Default Re: Phish no longer cares about their fans

Originally Posted by bdreason
195 arrests and they estimated 75,00 people. That's not a lot of arrests considering almost everyone there was probably high.

The poeple they busted were probably the idiots who show up looking to make profit off drug sells at these concerts.

I have no problem with people doing whatever drugs they want, but you can't just expect to slang your drugs to 75,000 people with no consequences.

Here's some advice for drug dealers, since I was one for years as a teenager; don't get caught.

They got away with it forever with Dead head concerts. Thats how a lot of them survived since they just followed the band everywhere and had no jobs. I know when the Grateful Dead would come around where i live there would be a lot more acid around.

I guess they all gravitated to Phish...
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