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Default Re: KFC workers in New Hampshire are retarded

Originally Posted by airchibundo507
A superior abusing their power? The "so-called" superior was using their power through another person; that alone should've suggested that the accusation and search weren't legitimate.

The police stated that they were on their way. Anybody with common sense would've waited for the police to arrive before allowing a search to be conducted (without taking police search & seizure limitations into consideration) . Am I blaming the victim? Not exactly. I'm just questioning how gullible she is, as well as how oblivious she is to the justice system.

I could reasonably bring myself to believe that she was coerced into coming into the office and taking off articles of her clothing. But oral sex? Crawling on all fours naked while allowing yourself to be slapped on the butt repeatedly? You have got to be kidding me.

Its not like she just immediately starting doing all the degrading sexual acts when they first mentioned the cops.

First, the authority figure was not just the cops but also the supervisor. As it was her supervisor who first took her cellphone and and car keys.

Second she was confined (read trapped) in a small room for over two hours with a man much bigger than her who had authority granted to him.

Saying its her fault because she should have put herself in that position is EXACTLY blaming the victim. And saying she is stupid and was tricked ignores the facts. She was not tricked, her manager and manager;s fiancee were tricked. She was trapped in a small room with no phone and no keys, by her boss and her bosses husband, and sexual assaulted for two hours.
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