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Default Re: The Time Has Come - ISH Needs a King

Originally Posted by catzhernandez
People of Insidehoops, I come to you today with the hopes of a simple ear to be lent to what I, Catz J. Hernandez, hopes that you, poster of, finds acceptable and worthy enough to be your king.

To say that this job is meaningless is BLASPHEMY!

And to all the naysayers and Catz haters, I say step up.

I will rule this nation with not only an iron fist, but an open heart, and parties beyond imagination.

The time has come, Catz Hernandez is here.

I promise that if I'm elected, there WILL NOT be anymore gay poses made by Lilojmayo , there WILL NOT be any other threads made by Interminator asking how your dick tastes, never again will we have to read another bballer thread begging for rep.

Oh no, for I will slay them with my Sai. Because oh yes, every great King carries a set of Sais.

Insidehoops, I ask of you, am I worthy to be your King?

I will consider you King, if you give me free whoppers.
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