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Default Re: Man front page pacers news sux!

Another Star article with direct quotes from Simon about not being able to afford Conseco. It ends with something along the lines of them not knowing how to come up with the money and that "it isn't their job."

**** YOU IT ISN'T YOUR JOB. You run the franchise like it's Tyco and you think we should just hand you some money because your malls aren't turning profits anymore? God forbid you actually figure out why the team's never made money even after years of success and near sellouts with the San Antonios and Utahs of the world seem to be doing just fine. Just maybe you think it's your damn fault? Go to damn hell. I'm becoming disgusted by the public approaches of the Simons with this. Find a local buyer and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

If the only way we can keep this team is by finding $15m in new tax money a year, pack the bags for Kansas City or wherever. What happens after we prop you up and then you keep up the same practices, how long until you need more money or you start making veiled threats again? You want to make public statements? How bout a "The business model of pro sports as a whole is corrupt and bordering on insane. Complete upheaval of the NBA modus operandi needs to be accomplished." Because that's what needs to happen. This is Seattle all over again. Oh yeah, one of the heads of the CIB OVERSAW THE SONICS DEBACLE. I'm disgusted. CIB, man up, tell em find the money or start looking for buyers yesterday.
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