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Default playing basketball

how many of you guys play basketball, whether it be playing to kill time or playing competitively? do you guys play everyday, once a week, once a month, etc...

i know there is a high school thread but that's not why i wanted to start this thread.

what i am wondering is for those people that do play a lot how do you practice to improve your overall game? i like to play everyday working on certain aspects like ball handling and shooting. i like to practice a lot of stuff learned from ganon baker and better basketball. after practicing knowing the stuff from these videos my shooting and ball handling has gotten a lot better + doing some vertical jump training with the help of the vertical jump development bible has helped me a lot.

also what kind of practice plan(if any) do you have laid out for yourself?

for those who don't know ganon baker, i suggest you watch some videos

on a side note, it would be nice if there was a 'Basketball Improvement' forum, that could easily replace the 'Streeball' forum.
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