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Originally Posted by reppy
I don't see how some people can just cheat on their partner and have no ill emotional effects. Bunch of sociopaths or wannabe rap stars on here. "I sleep around on my brawd all the time. I'm so hood."

It's not even like that man, you gotta explore before you get old. Don't even kid yourself, the chicks do it too.

cheating never made a lot of sense to me, especially if you're not married and just going out. I mean if things are at the point where you want to cheat, then why not just break up with the girl first? What's it going to take, an extra 5 minutes? At least let her know it's not working out before you dip your sausage into the chocolate-chip pancake, she probably deserves that much after all the **** we men put them through.

Ever heard of the saying 2 is better than one?...Women aren't the only victims here, if you don't believe me you can try watching some of these weird paternity test shows on T.V.
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