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I had a friend taken away from me when I was about 7. He was my best friend, my bud, you know. We did everything those first two years in school from playing tag to grounders to you name it.

He moved away.

I was crushed. I mean, there goes my first best friend in my life just like that. I was real sad for a week or so. We'd go out to play tag but no David (his name) and it's just like, woha.. I probably won't see him for the rest of my life.

Losing a friend, esepcially a close one, is hard to deal with under any circumstance. It just get's more hard to deal with when something like that happens to your friend man. Hopefully you have strong people around you to help you through this. It's important that you do. Pretty hard to deal with things like that in life without good people.
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