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Henry? Yes, mad talented, can't deny that. He's got it all.

Ronaldinho OTOH is kinda declining. He's not the player he was last year. Last year will be remembered as the best year of his career. Even Ronaldinho himself said that he can't top last years performance ever again. Besides, he's not all that fast.

The fact is though that both Henry and Ronaldinho weren't as good as my man Cristiano when they were 21.

Cristiano has more tricks than anyone else and he has blinding speed.
He still needs to work on his passing and crossing but once he masters that, it's over. He will be the best player in the world.

21, he's only 21. Remember that, people.

When you watch Cristiano, all you see is endless talent. He's so damn talented, it's unbelieveable..

I'm telling you all..he's most attractive and most talented.
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