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sorry to hear that Hateraid, and Tmoge u r a strong dude to just laugh at things considering what u recently gone through.

I live In Toronto, and The police racial profiling here is present. Probably not as bad as the states, but not too long ago My Teammate from my Ball team was shot to death By a Plain clothed Toronto Police Officer. Police were called to break up a Brawl between a group of caucasian Youngsters and a group of Mostly Filipino Youngsters. The officers arrived at the scene, with No uniforms and did not Identify themselves Properly to My boy.

Later he was pronounced dead at the Hospital with 3 Gunshot wounds to the BACK. The officer Claimed it was self defense and that My Boy, Jeffrey Reodica, at the time 17, had a Knife. To this day, The two officers are the only ones to testify that They saw Jeffrey with the Knife.

His Family has made several inquests and Rallys to find out how his their son Really died, But the SIU cleared the cops of any wrongdoing ( whats new? ).

But yeah, 3 shots to the back?, was that necessary? *** no. and *** the police.
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