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Default Re: Where's the scariest hood in America?

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
fooled me

lol. I'm against party systems because I can't stand people just nodding their head at their own stupid points. hey I agree with some of the stuff O'reilly and Limbaugh say. I agree with some of the stuff Michael Moore and Al Franken say the problem is they don't give a **** about the truth. They only care about their ideology and that irritates me and I think its dangerous. Seeing that Sarah Palin actually had a chance to be the vice president of the country goes to show that as long as you cater to a bull **** ideology you can climb the political ladder and it scares me. On the flip side and I really don't want this to turn into a political thread but I watched Obama stand up there and spit out the same bull**** and platitudes that Bush did. the verdict is in that people didn't like that quality in Bush yet they vote for it again. I'm not gonna sit and compare the 2 cause I truly wanna give that man a chance he's only been in a few months. He is my president
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