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Originally Posted by GOBB
I believe you were guranteeing it (national title/heisman).

Just busting ya chops...but ND is a good team, just overrated and hyped up too early. The program will get back to the status that many of us know Notre Dame to be. And ND just needs time. As you mentioned recruiting some defensive studs would be a direction to go for sure. Building up a program takes time because you dont want an over nighter. You want something that continues much like how USC does. Lose bigtime players and thru recruiting are able to replace and field a winner. So i agree ND will be back...just think the media rushed them way too early. If they didnt we probably see a better team...maybe not but imo i believe so. Team just wasnt ready to shoulder all those expectations placed on them this fast.

I definately guarenteed Brady Quinn for Heisman, I think he has a good season, but it's definately not what I expected, I'll definately eat the crow for that one. And I probably guarenteed the National Title, probably after the Penn State victory because they dominated them to the tune of 41-3 in the Fourth Quarter when I was under the assumption that Penn State was a legitimate team. I'll eat crow for both, I was just hyped about possibly going undefeated, never imagined Michigan would be that good.

As for the overhyped factor, I think that they are always overhyped, they are basically the media's sweetheart, and when they show an ounce of competitiveness and the ability to be legit, the media will just blow it up to an unattainable amount. They are a solid team, but obviously when you get so much praise without truly earning it, you can end up looking bad, but they have stayed and played very respectable. They should be able to go through the season with atleast a 10-2 record, and possibly 11-1 if they can win a huge game on the road at USC.

For the Record through 6 games...

Brady Quinn - 63.5% Completion, 1634 Yards, 16 Touchdowns, 4 Interceptions, 141.7 QB Rating.

Pretty Impressive, though not quite Heisman worthy
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