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Default Re: Suns making the playoffs?

Probably not. Right now the would-be 8'th seed (Dallas) is 41-27. That's a 4 game cushion they have over the Suns (37-31) with only 13 to play.

Even if they play merely .500 basketball (wishful thinking) for the remainder of the season (let's say 7-6), we would have to go 11-2 to make up those 4 games. If they go 8-5 or 9-4 instead (more probable), then we'd have to run the table.

It's highly unlikely, and quite frankly I hope it doesn't happen so that perhaps changes will be made. The first move should be showing Steve Kerr the door and telling him to not let it hit him in the azz on his way out of town.
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