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If anybody needed more proof of how much better Pride is, two words: CHUCK NORRIS. But seriously, the fights overall were not great, not horrible, surprisingly good for a half-assed card. The "no kicks or knees on the ground" rule actually did not hurt much. Combined with the lack of elbows, I thought it actually made the grappling higher quality.

And I can't blame Pride this time for not letting Chuck v. Wanderlei happen, because UFC are just making retarded demands that they know Pride will never let happen just so they can say "see, it's Pride's fault." When a Pride rep asked Dana White straight up why the fight wasn't happening, Dana had no answer. I can't blame the UFC either really though, because if Chuck loses (extremely possible), that's UFC's marquee fighter being owned. You can bet that the casual fans would suddenly realize that they've got other MMA options. If I was Dana I would make sure that wouldn't happen either.

So in other words, the fight will never happen.

And Pride has offered fighters to UFC before (Ninja, Kharitonov). UFC never bothered using them.

is this where two guys roll around in the ring and fight each other? I tried watching that Ultimate fighting sh&t or whatever....all I saw were two half naked men straddling each other and rolling around....

If it was European and in the Olympics you'd probably be a huge fan, of course all you'd do is whine and b!tch about the Americans not winning, so I guess it's good for the rest of us that you're not a fan.

I was tricked into thinking Vitor was on the card.

He was on the card. He got his ass handed to him by Henderson.
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