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Default Re: Yi Jianlang... really?

I wholeheartedly agree with you, I'm absolutely fuming to see this guy in the starting lineup night after night. He's horrible, he can't defend, he can't shoot, he barely even gets touches on the ball because the other 4 players on the court realize how much he sucks.

It's frustrating and confusing as to why Lawrence Frank keeps him as a starter.. and even more frustrating is that he starts over Ryan Anderson, but on top of that he has refused to even put Anderson in the game lately!

What is in this guy's mind?

I have no doubt that if Anderson was in the game during that ugly 0-4 trip, we could be looking at a completely playoff picture right now. This guy brings energy and hustle to the game, and he could've been that x-factor that turned the momentum in those 3rd and 4th quarter meltdowns.

Lawrence Frank is shameful, and I'm surprised there are barely any complaints from fans or the media.
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