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Default Re: Mar 21 Atlanta Hawks (41-28) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (55-13) Game Thread

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Stop hating on Joe Johnson. He's playing like a true All Star this year, and he also done a great job as the leader of the Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks are on the pace of winning 48 games this year, and you must feel proud of your team because this is the year that the Hawks will advance in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

JJ is one of the clutchest player in the NBA.

How many games have you seen this year? If not many, go checkout the game log... He has had a SLEW of bad and mediocre shooting performances. His Jan performance was downright terrible and he made a complete fool of himself at the all-star game also.

What makes it worse is that Joe's offensive game ain't squat if his streaky jumper is missing. Can you believe he has only attempt 10+ Ft's in 3 games this year? He hardly ever gets to the foul line.

The Hawks have piled up home wins. But Chicago has piled up home wins also. So what's the big deal? The Hawks road record is downright awful. Where was JJ's clutchness while the team has lost 8 out of 9 on the road?

You post a 30 second clip from a series in which he had like 3 or 4 outstanding minutes the entire series and try and pretend it actually means something. Well, it don't.
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