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Default Re: The lottery is rigged say inside sources: Wiz slated to get #1 pick

Originally Posted by praneel
I can not say I completely believe it, but if Wiz do get Griffin, I mean #1 pick, then I would really be intrigued bc of the Oden and Durant debacle. I know it is highly possible Wiz legit win it due to thier horrible record, but still interesting to me.

I am on the fence becuase that year both Seatle and Portland were having arena issues, and somehow they get the top two pics. There was some talk of moving (a la OKC)

Maybe im fishing for a conspiracy, but I really really hope I am just looking for something instead of it actually being rigged like all fans i hope.

remember when the hornets finished 1 game out of the playoffs in 1999 but got the #3 pick, just as their arena issues were developing, and their sellout streak was coming to an and?

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