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Default Re: The best player in 2009 Nba Draft

09 draft is shiet. As a matter of fact the only reason why i wanted the knicks to make the playoffs was to give their pick away to utah.

I like Blake but after him there's nothing more than role players.

Harden is looking more and more like another Cuttino Mobley.

I called Thabeet going 2nd when the season started and that's looking very likely but he'll be lucky to be a poor mans Mutombo (and i mean broke)

Jordan Hill has some potential but it would shock me if he ended up like Wilcox. If it all goes well we'll get Nene jr.

Jennings has been a joke is high school and he will be in the nba. He's skinny and quick but he's not much of a passer and a so so scorer. He'll just end up being someones problem. (minnesota?)

Monroe has his groupies on this board but right now he's too soft to play in this league. He's got the Channing Frye syndrome and should stick around for another year or 2 of college. Like a Blake Griffin he needs to get the experience of having the ball go through him and taking his team deep in the tournament.

The guys i like in this draft are: Griffin, Aminu, Warren, Henderson and Flynn.
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