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Default Re: Yi Jianlang... really?

Originally Posted by Rusty
Do I think Yi deserves to start now? No. Do I think he has deserved to start since returning from injury? No. Do I hate him and think he's a bad player? No and No. Guys... don't let your current disappointment in him cloud your view of his still un-capped potential. Remember how good he looked pre-injury?

And for the record, yes. I think it is clear that Coach Frank is facing some pressure to start Yi (indirectly from the Chinese government).

I been saying this from day one...Im sorry but in my opinion, YI is not Good. I've tried to give him a chance, i really did. I sat and watched and hoped that this guy could grow into something. I can understand if he was a rookie...but he makes rookie mistakes. Rusty u say : "don't let your current disappointment in him cloud your view of his still un-capped potential" Im sorry but i see no potential in YI. The only good thing that he has is a jumper. At 7'0 you should be able to do more than shoot nice jump shots.. LIKE block shots, Rebound, Dunk, Be strong and aggressive. Grab Offensive and Defensive boards. Be a DEFENSIVE threat. If Yi showed flashes of these aspects of the game then i could agree with you and say that yes there is uncapped potential. But after watching this guy all year, THE only good thing that I've seen so far is his nice jumpshot when that falls. He's going to need like 3 or 4 more years of development, before we see that potential... Not worth it in my opinion.

Sean Williams on the other hand does have off court issues yes i agree, but he has at least shown flashes of being a pretty good defensive player as far as his blocks, rebounds, energy, and athleticsm, and defensive presence. Not a great offensive guy, but he can be great defensive wise.
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