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Default Re: Could Lawrence Franks Job be in jeopardy this offseason?

all good points there in post #12. repped.

re: mark jackson,
sorry, but you're asking the wrong guy. jackson is one of the most annoying color men i've ever heard, mainly for his penchant for pointing out the obvious time after time in a particular voice which indicates that he thinks he's saying something deep and insightful. i really can't stand that.

that is not to rule out that jackson might not be an excellent HC.
after all, collins, fratello and brown are all superb color men but have had pretty bumpy coaching careers IMO.

but i would like to see jackson do his due diligence and start as an asst coach. i think that's only fair, given his glaring lack of exp in coaching.

re: AJ,
i don't think his voice was the culprit. more like it added insult to injury.

the players' grapevine said that the guy was an annoying control freak and that's the main reason he alienated so many of them. also that devin harris, despite giving lip-service to johnson, felt extremely stifled by him and was very relieved to get away from him.

i don't know where you've been, dude, but there were a tonne of articles about these issues around and well after the time that harris got traded and AJ got fired. so all i can say is, i hope you were with a hot babe during those months to explain why you never heard about any of this. :P

re: scott clashing with nets players,
the only player i've ever heard that clashed with him was kidd.
kidd was the guy that transformed the franchise and still had status like a god in that 3rd season. so when kidd said that 'it's either me or scott', the writing was on the wall regarding which one of the two any sane GM had to let go.
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