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Default Re: Could Lawrence Franks Job be in jeopardy this offseason?

Originally Posted by UniformBomber
And not to be an ******* or anything, but national writers aren't much better. There are a few knowledgeable, objective ones who actually provide insight - in every sport - but for the most part, they're all trash. Just my opinion.
on the plus side, i think the rise of the internet has caused the quality of their work to go way up. SI and foxsports guys have never been better. they now have to keep in mind that anyone can comment on their stories and rip them to shreds if they submit lazy or poorly written work. they have to respond more and more directly to sports fans questions and that sets the accountability bar a big notch higher.

on these two sites here there is only one writer who is an obvious d0uchebag, name of randy hill. otherwise the quality of their work is very high IMO... check it out:

Originally Posted by MTing
Well as much as we have been bashing Frank the past few days, he made a good decision in starting Dooling today.

since carter is a natural SF it's a little disappointing that frank didn't try him in that role earlier in the season. then again, maybe the big progress that CDR has made this season allowed frank to shift dooling into the lineup.

if the nets can finish strong i am prepared to give frank the benefit of the doubt. i am still really disappointed by how little the defense has improved over the course of the season but to be honest, nobody in their right mind would have predicted that the nets would win close to 35 games this season.

i also like what thorn just said about nobody's job being secure when the season ends.
that's the right approach IMO.
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