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Default Re: Riddle me this, Nets fans...

Originally Posted by Rockbttm88
1. Why does the Nets scorekeeper (or whoever) take so long to put points on the board? Sometimes the Nets will score and their points wont show up on the screen until after the next play. Or if they hit a 3-pointer, only two points will be added and after the next play the extra point will be added. This usually prompts Marv's signature sassy tone, as he scowls "The score is eighty-THREE to eighty-two."(see #4 for more on that) No other network is like this, so anyone know whats up?

I see this too. Its pretty funny if you ask me. Marv Albert sometimes even thinks the score is what it says. Also the Yes Network ALWAYS have problems with there scoreboard. It just freezes up and then they switch to there backup. Again its pretty funny. But Yes Network is pretty reliable other then those 2 problems. They're a great crew and we should be thankful, especially cause we dont have biased announcers (see Blazers, Cavs, Celtics announcers).

2. Why is the Izod Center always full of front runners? When we played the Lakers, there were more people cheering for them than for the Nets. Actually, it sounded like NO ONE was cheering for the Nets. I felt like I was watching a game from the Staples Center. Same thing happens when any other hot sh*t team rolls into town. That's gotta be pretty disheartening to our boys.

Thats why were are "moving" to Brooklyn. The place is a ghost town. I wish we can clone ourselves(all the Nets fans on this forum) and then we all by season tickets. The place will be packed and it will be the loudest in the NBA .

3. Does Nancy Newman ever brush her hair? No. The answer is no.

Thats why she works in the studio. If Nancy did courtside interviews, I'd go crazy. She also knows nothing about basketball. Ive heard so many errors from her.
Michelle Beadle>>>Nancy Newman

4. Why do Marv Albert and Mike Fratello still work together? These men clearly do not enjoy each other's company. The tension between them is palpable. They both seem to come to life when you put them on another network and stick Reggie Miller between them, but when left alone they're just two old men bickering over meaningless stats and other random nonsense. (and you cant tell me its humor theyre going for. if you think its funny listening to them, then you're probably due back at the nursing home right now).

Lol there just joking. Id be extremely surprised if they really hate each other. They've been working together since I can remember. The first basketball game I ever watched were those 2 calling a Bulls game.

5. Why are the Nets not lowering ticket prices? "Special discount nights" for games when we're playing the sh*ttiest teams in the league is not gonna cut it. No matter what team we play, there are gonna be loads of empty seats. It's simple math: You're franchise is losing money. Wouldn't it be better to make a small profit than to lose money? Plus the economy is hurting bad and NJ has been hit as hard as anywhere, so why not give the fans a break?

I think the Nets organization pretty much gave up on the IZod center.

6. Why does Devin Harris still chuck up 3-pointers within the first 5 seconds of the shot clock? Even if the Nets are winning, he still does it. He doesn't seem patient enough to wait for his teammates to catch up and insists on throwing up low-percentage outside shots, which almost always results in a blown possession. This is something he's been doing all season long (in pre-season too) and Lawrence Frank has had ample time to correct this. So were 75 games into the season now... why is this still going on?

Frank gives Devin to much freedom imo. Hes taking full advantage over it. Coming from Dallas where he got absolutely NO freedom from Avery Johnson, Im not surprised. Hes still learning how to lead a team so Im not extremely angry at this. VC does this a lot to and when both of them do it, its probably a blow out.

Good job on 100 posts btw
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