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I don't want Thomas, Bargnani, or Roy. All look like they'll be the biggest busts of the draft. Although in Bargnani's case, he's the type of player that could also have the biggest upside.

At 2, we should get Aldridge. If he is picked by TO then we trade the pick to the team willing to give us what we need (hello Minnesota or Houston [t-mac] or maybe even Boston) and keep the 16. Don't even think of Roy (Wade took his team to the final four, Roy didn't), Thomas (hello Stromile Swift 2000), or Bargnani (hello Darko 2003). The only other person I'd even remotely think of about picking this high would be..............Adam Morrison. Yes, Morrison because he's got the heart of a champion and possesses what this team needs which is another scorer to take pressure off of Gordon. Imagine Hinrich-Gordon-Morrison. Pick your poison. Nocioni's tough defense and intensity would blend perfectly w/ Morrison. Especially on defense where Nocioni would pick up the slack.

At 16, I'd take Brewer, Carney if they fall to us. I'd love to get Shannon Brown though. I think he'd be a great fit for the Bulls. He may be 6'3 and only an inch taller then Gordon but he plays bigger for his size. Maybe has his height wrong but to me, when I saw him play at MSU, he looked bigger and played bigger.

Other guys I wouldn't mind at 16 (if they fell to us or not) : Shelden Williams, Josh Boone, Shawne Williams, Mardy Collins.
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