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Yea. Some olympic track coach. he said Arenas was a notch below olympic world class speed running with poor technique. And that if he applied himself to the sport he could be in the olympics as a sprinter with little work.
thats one thing that kinda irks me about Gil. he's willing to put all this work in but he's not willing to do the right work. he works on his shot really hard... but his form is terrible. he trains like nobody's business... but still has crappy running form. he works out 24/7... but still has hamburgers 3 meals a day. it's like he's creating walls for himself to not take it to the next level.

What makes Arenas better than Stack?
thank you.. and goodbye.

The thing that bugs me about Arenas is this. He's a PG that can score like nobodys business. So was KJ. Both are lightning quick and pretty athletic(See KJ poster on Hakeem). However KJ knew what to do with the ball. He was getting 20+ points and double-digit assists. If this fool played like KJ and took a few less shots on those plays and instead passed the ball, he would be a better player and his team would probably get more wins.
yea? who is Gilbert supposed to pass to? you realize he has only 2 teammates right? you know how many times Gilbert lost an assist last year because Jeffries or Etan blew an open dunk? still managed more than 6. Gilbert doesn't play a PG role on this team he plays a scoring one. and still gets 6 assists. what's the problem?
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