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Default Re: The Importance of Booty in Prison

I know a dude that did hard time at San quentin for selling coke to a cop. His cellmate wanted to rape him and dude was not interested in giving it up so they proceeded to fight for 2 days straight. By the end of the second day he was so exhausted from fighting he got on top of dude and ripped his eye out.

Pretty crazy stuff. So he got charged with aggravated assault, 18 year sentence, and sent down to Folsom (maximum security) which he said was the worst prison he'd had ever been to. He said the first time he had ever been scared in his life was when he walked out to the yard and everyone was a killer. He had no choice but to walk like he was just as hard as everyone else on the yard.

Happy ending. He got out after 2 years and has been on the straight and narrow over 10 years. His record was expunged and he hopes to be pardoned once a new governor is elected (Arnold doesn't believe in second chances).
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