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Default Re: Blake Griffin = WHO in present or past NBA?

Originally Posted by fefe
He is not better offensively than McDyess...
Prime McDyess was a force inside, had nice footwork, and also a great midrange game.

K-Mart is the right comparison.
I don't beleive Griffin will be able to maintain his phisical dominance in the NBA.
I don't expect him to be a 20 point per game scorer in the league anytime soon. He has to improve his game a lot to do that.
I expect him to start his carrier as K-Mart did. If Griffin can stay injury free, he can become better.

I disagree, if he is only as good as K Mart I'll be disappointed. From what I see Griffin seems more aggressive offensively than Dyess was, and even though he isn't quite as athletic as Dyess I wouldn't be surprised to see him become a better player.
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