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I will not sit back and let my religon be trashed. **** that. If we let her do whatever we want than she has won too. Its a double-edged sword. I would rather take the half that stands up and defends our religon, than take the half that does nothing.

What makes me laugh (even tho it is sad) is the arrogance of mankind....Supposed followers of the most powerful entity in all of creation have the gall to think that God (who is supposed to be almighty) needs you to protect his name

Good one....

god doesnt need you to threaten violence against other men on his behalf.... He is already more powerful than you could ever imagine....

Religion has definitely poisoned man and corrupted God's message to man....

he doesnt need you to stand up for him... he has giving you a gift and has given you guidlines on how to live and how to treat others... Yet we still dont get it...

if you look around the world at all the war and rumors of war, hatred and becomes obvious that we have lost our way..
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