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Default Re: Second round picks that I think will make a career in the NBA.

There are a lot of smaller guards that had great college careers projected to go in the 2nd round. I really like all of these players and think they have a fair shot at earning a roster spot on an NBA bench:

A.J. Price
He has gone through a lot in his life, and he always seems to find away to rise to the occassion and get things done. He can really score and this year he showed he could run a team. There is definitely a place for him in the League.

Dionte Christmas
I didn't see much of him in college, but on paper his numbers were very good. His skills set can use some work, but from a scoring aspect he has what it takes.

Marcus Thornton
He is not great in any particular facet of the game, but is a capable scorer, passer, and defender. A contender could definitely develop him slowly and turn him into a solid contributor.

Toney Douglas
His size may be a factor and he lacks natural PG skills, but he can flat out score. He can drive the lane and finish at the rim, pull up and stick the mid-range j, and spread the defense with his perimeter shooting.

Jermaine Taylor
I never saw him play in college, but he is a freak of an athlete. He has the physical tools to play in the league, it is just a matter of developing his individual skills.

Sherron Collins
I really like his game, but it will be interesting to see how his height affects him. He reminds me of a Nate Robinson type scorer but with more refined PG skills.

Stefon Jackson
Although he played in a rather weak conference, he is a pure scorer. He has decent size at 6'5", but it is difficult to project his impact based on numbers alone. It will be interesting to see how he fares in individual workouts.

Jerel McNeal
I'm surprised he's projected to go in the late 2nd round. As a four-year player at Marquette he proved he can do it all on both ends of the court. He is only 6'3", but his abilities should be enough to overshadow this.

Tyrese Rice
Although undersized, he is a big time competitor. He give 100% all the time, and his performace shows it. He can score in many ways, and there are several teams that could use him as an energizer off the bench.

Wesley Matthews
He's not great in any one aspect of the game, but with four years of experience he has an excellent feel for the game. He is also willing to play defense, and in the NBA that desire can earn you a role.
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