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Default Re: Second round picks that I think will make a career in the NBA.

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall

Adrien can hit that elbow jumper pretty consistently, when he uses it, but he rarely uses it. What he's doing at the college level now, that being playing down low, won't work in the NBA, he's only 6'6. He's going to have to develop a decent mid range game, which he's already got the tools to do, to have some success at the next level.

I don't see what's so hard to understand about that.
Jeff Adrien a SG? Get the **** outta here. Have you ever heard of Chuck Hayes, Jason Maxiell, etc? Adrien being 6'6-6'7 does not change the fact that he is a PF, who MIGHT be able to operate as a big SF... rarely. But he cannot play SG at ALL.

Anyways, Stanley Robinson should be a late first rounder, that guy is a freak.

I like Jeff Pendergraph as well.

If Patrick Mills or Grievis Vasquez enter this year, I can see them succeeding.

I'd like to see what Shawn Taggart can do in the NBA as well, Calipari leaving might motivate him to test the waters this year. Like Pendergraph, will never be a major contributor but will provide athleticism and hustle.
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