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Default Re: Second round picks that I think will make a career in the NBA.

Originally Posted by A.M.G.
Jeff Adrien a SG? Get the **** outta here. Have you ever heard of Chuck Hayes, Jason Maxiell, etc? Adrien being 6'6-6'7 does not change the fact that he is a PF, who MIGHT be able to operate as a big SF... rarely. But he cannot play SG at ALL.
Hayes and Maxiell are both bigger than Adrien (not too sure about Hayes, he might be smaller), but Maxiell is much bigger and has also has a phenomenal arm span to boot. If Adrien can transfer his rebounding game into the NBA, then running at the PF position isn't going to be too bad, but he's going to be dwarfed by most NBA PF's, he'd much more suited for the SF position, where he is still going to be small for his position.
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