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Default ALL TIME NFL DRAFT (6 - 8 players ... 25 picks each)

I've seen that the All-Time NFL draft didn't work last year, but that's because I believe there were too many posters drafting.

I'm looking for OCL regulars that will construct there All-Time All-MADDEN Ultimate NFL team, and then we can vote on who's team would kick the most @ss in a football game.

The OCL is loosing my interest more and more everyday, but a draft like this would keep me logging in all the time.

So who's down? ONLY REGULARS with NFL knowledge.

-primetime-? GOBB? Marlo? Statman? Dasher? Izzo?

1. D-Shark



it's simple... 25 players.

11 starters on Offense
11 starters on defense
Back up RB
Slot WR
Nickle CB

*optional... (30 players each)

Back up QB
Back up TE
#4 WR
#4 CB
Kick Returner / Punt Returner

and like I said, then we vote to see who has the best team.
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