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Do they count shots youre fouled on in your FGAs? Something I should know...and I think they dont....but im not sure. Ive never had reason to find out for sure.

how would you not know that? how else does Gil get 30 per on 20 shots per game? he aint shootin 70%..

Kblaze, I remember last year you said Gil wasn't a top 20 player, and this seems to be an extension of that. I don't understand your logic of why Gilbert would be on Ray Allen's level, he's put up better numbers the last two years than Ray Ray ever has. To me it's just random underrating. I'm guessing you put guys like Pierce or VC above Ray Allen right?
Blaze looks for reasons to hate him because he sent his team home with the pullup in game 5 and the swat in game 6.

don't deny it.
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