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Originally Posted by eliteballer
Yes, but no one denies his overall impact and quality as a player. Arenas has shot 43% or below 3 of his 5 years in the league and that includes a 39% season. Dude isn't terribly efficient either. Hasn't been on a 50 win team like Stack. Did lead his team to the second round, but so did Stack. Hasn't put up a season statistically better than Stackhouse. They are equal so far.

Arenas last season was statistically better than any of Stack's seasons. I'm not sure why you can't understand that. You also have to put into context that Stack's best season was on a 30 win team, Arenas has turned around a losing franchise and put up 27ppg the last two years on a winning team.

And regular fg% is not a good measure of how efficient you are. You have to look at TS%, Arenas takes alot of 3s which makes his percentages more efficient than they seem.
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