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Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
I wasnt impressed by Arenas before he played the Bulls. When I lived in DC and watched all his games I wasnt that impressed. Granted hes better now than he was then. But still....I just never got that into his game. At the time he was underrated though. Now he isnt.

As for him being top 20 or not....dont know. dont often think about it. I'll make a list of non Bulls who id rather have and we will see where he falls....

Melo(not by a lot)
Paul(I dont think hes flat out better than Gilbert though)
Dwight Howard

Then on the "if healthy" list we have Jermaine Oneal and Pau Gasol.

Thats 21 and we still have Bosh and Marion who im sure many would take. And Ray Allen. Who im also sure many would take.

I dont think Arenas is as low as 25h best in the NBA. But there is a list about that long of players he sure as hell doesnt blow away.

There are only 2 players on that list you could say "Thats not even close" about and they are Paul and Howard if you just go off last year. But I bet a lot of GMS and coaches would take both of them over Arenas if only for potential.

The NBA is at maybe an all time high in guys with whats usually top 10 talent. Most guys in the top 10 3 years ago are still on the same level. Webber fell out. Kidd arguably. While guys like Nash, Wade, Lebron, Brand, VC(from 3 years ago) and some others have risen. There are like 12-15 spots of guys who are on a level that would usually make you top 10.

And I didnt even go into guys like Ben Wallace, Michael Redd, Baron Davis(another "if healthy" pick), AK47, and all them. There is just a really unusually long list of guys playing on a high level. Or at least putting up great numbers.

Arenas has not done anything to make him a shoe in pick for top 15 or so. His greatest accomplishment is beating the youngest playoff team in NBA history without its leading scorer and starting 3. Then losing in the first round. Strictly by numbers hes #12 in eff but with guys like Duncan, Nash, and Tmac behind him its hard to argue that makes him top 15 automatically. He has nothing to make him a lock for either the "Wins are all that matter" crowd or the "Numbers" crowd. And its not like hes dominant in some abstract way like a Shaq or something.

He has the "Look at that PPG" edge that seems to make it dumb not to put him that high. But he wouldnt be the first guy in that 28-30 range to not be top 10. He wouldnt even be the 3rd or 4th off the top of my head.

And Woody Paige just picked Arenas to win MVP on around the horn. Just thought id mention that....

There's no way in hell Dwight has more impact on a team than Arenas. At least not up until now. Potential doesn't factor into who's top 20 either.
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