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Default Re: This era's over, Suns fans...

The wheels fell off this wagon a year ago last February when they shipped Marion for Shaq, the very worst possible fit for this team you could imagine despite all the PR and media hype. D'Antoni followed right behind Shawn, and that made it clear what they thought they were trying to do. Follow that with this year: dumping the mess on an inexperienced coach, changing direction so many times it felt like a tennis match ... one stupid move after another slapping band-aids on a broken back ... and it wasn't hard to see where the Suns were going.

Well, they got where they were going. And getting here made for one miserable, boring, totally unenjoyable season, nothing fun about it. Apparently big promises and smart-ass antics don't win championships any more. They don't even get you into the playoffs.
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