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Originally Posted by lollol604
clipper fans - they are laker bandwagon jumpers

What about dudes like Billy Crystal.
Are those guys knowledgable basketball fans or complete lame azz morons.
Do the Clips truly belong back in South Central?
Should they still be playing at the Sports Arena?
Back then they had an identity now days who are these guys?
Times have really changed. I know who Clipper fans were but now who are they dudes?
They are on the message board talking smack to Laker fans, the Donald rents Sammy for one year and now these jerks are on line calling the Diggler a Kobe groupie and Maggette a smart hard nosed player.
I'm in Virginia now, when did this whole Clipper nation nonsense start and why are these lame azz's jacking the Raider nation's motto, are these jerks trying to create some kind of myth that Clipper fans are align with Raider fans or are Raider fans, that's what is so lame to me. The whole Clipper nation thing, please. I liked it when the Clips played in that rat hole and you never heard a peep out of these clowns.
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