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Default Re: Anybody else hate going into draft threads in the NBA forum?

From the Hansbrough thread:

the 2nd coming of mark madsen go lakers! pick him up
hansbrough will be a big bust
Hans will never put up laetner numbers. i dont think he is capable for that.
Hansbrough is going to need better perimeter game.I could see him being a decent defender, or becoming a ben wallace type player with a jumpshot. and a good FT%
his game really doesn't impress me at all

where will he go? probably early 2nd

where should he go? really late 2nd.

I don't see him having a better career to even players like Shelden Williams.
o those praising his scoring ability....

His style of play won't work a bit in the NBA. He uses his size and strength score points in college (and while getting calls like DWade).

There is a reason why this "hard working", "tough" college player is not a projected late lottery or mid first round pick.

Yes, someone actually said he could be Ben Wallace with a jumpshot.
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