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Default Re: Knicks sign Mouhamed Sene

It wasn't just that he had shown almost no pedigree before he was drafted, but the fact that they had just drafted Robert Swift and Johan Petro the two years prior. How many big man projects do you need? It's not like they had no other holes to fill. Even the year before that they drafted Collison I believe.

Anyway, as for the Knicks, I don't think this is a bad roll of the dice at all. In fact, it's these athletic bigs that float all over the league whom I think Dantoni's system is so valuable for. I think it's part of the reason he was persued by ownership, because he seems to be able to pull value beyond what a player can demand in salary from these fringe type guys, and lets you penny pinch down the roster. He's not as good as Wilcox (another athletic big cast off by OKC scooped up by the Knicks), but he's younger. I don't think this is a bad idea for the Knicks. And they need to start getting big guys acclimated on the cheap in case they eventually have to shed David Lee. They have almost no depth up front as it is.
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