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Default Re: Official OTC All Time NFL draft clubhouse

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Don't get me started...

Wimbley is a chump. The guy was a beast in his rookie year until OTs realized that he has one move (duck-under speed move to the outside). He is a classic case of a guy that was a defensive end in college and just could not make the transition to linebacker in the NFL.

I went to the Browns training camp a couple of years ago and Wimbley was coming off of that great rookie season. There were a few thousand people there and everyone surrounded the defensive and offensive line drill section when Joe Thomas (who had just been drafted) was matched up against Wimbley one-on-one.

I remember saying to my buddy that Joe was about to get schooled (that is how highly I thought of Wimbley). Well... Thomas completely toolboxed Wimbley... Pretty much tossed him aside. That was when I first thought that maybe he wasn't all that I thought he was.

The two years since have been a total f#cking debacle. He gets absolutely no pressure with his pass rush and he cannot contain the run to save his life... Which is why the Browns are hoping and praying that Aaron Curry falls to No. 5.

The guy is a bust... plain and simple.
He has to have had one of the quietest 11 sack rookie seasons ever. Every time I watch the Browns he is hardly around the ball and seems like he has very little impact. I wonder what they plan on doing with him in 09?
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