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Default Re: Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

I think Sam Young is going to make somebody in the back third of the draft really happy. He's going to burn real quick, because of his age. He'll be ready to play quick, he's much bigger than he appears on TV. And he's got a full compliment of skills, so he'll fit in well with a good veteran team. He's also a much better athlete than he looks. I don't think he'll have a long career though because so much of his potential is tapped out already. Sort of like Roderick Rhodes did a few years back, where he came out of nowhere as an all rookie guy, and by five years later couldn't find any minutes.

I've fallen for Pendergraph too. He's got a good body, he's really active, and he can really knock down that midrange jumper.

Ruoff I think can be a real player too in the right situation. He developed a lot more point guard skills under Huggins, and became a much better man defender. Combined with his smarts, that's a pretty good combo, and he's a great shooter, and has good size as a PG. He'll never be quick enough to play there full time, but he could be a great backup just by not making mistakes, playing hard, and knocking down open shots. He'd be a great fit on the weakside of the triangle.
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