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Default Re: Greatest Hip Hop Duo Back Together

Originally Posted by The Magic Man
Awwwww!!! Man, I almost got whiplash on Red's verse then Sucatash or whoever the **** this fool is came in and f^cked the whole track up!

Few things...

1. IMO Meth used to be like top 5 alive. This niqqa can't hold a candle to Red on this track.

2. How can anyone say these cats are the greatest duo? One f^cking album?!! No, Kast, Run DMC (JMJ dont make it a f^ckin trio), Gangstar, EPMD, Pete/ CL, UGK, **** what about Styles and Jada? I do think they were better than Mobb Deep, Capone and Nore, 8Ball and MJG, MOP...

3. Is there any doubt, no matter how hot this $hit is, if it even ever comes out, it's gonna flop horribly? Thats what hiphop has come to. Niqqas like Redman and Methodman are now irrelivent. I bet some cats on this site have never even heard any of thier tracks. Wipes tear. Im gonna go bump How high right now!

Couldnt agree more about Meth. Everything about him was just perfect imo, his flow, delivery, hell his raspy voice, everything was just perfect. Redman is the ultimate compliment to him, although on this track your right he does outshine Meth. But this is probably the commercial track that has to get plays, and if it is I can't imagine how good the whole album will be. This gives me some hope, not to mention Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is in the works.
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