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Default Re: The Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album of All-Time?

Originally Posted by thejumpa

Nas' inconsistency? hmmmm didn't Jay say something like when they were going at it back in the day?

anyway, while some consider Jay to be the greatest....MANY others also consider Nas to be up there. Some say the greatest, some say lyrically above him. Rakim, KRS-One (considered by a whole lot people as GOAT) are also up there...

I feel you, its just an opinion, and you could def make a case for it. But, lets be real. Jay has an incredible track record but he didn't keep dropping classics after Reasonable Doubt. Pac is the greatest but hey, you have your opinions.

At least you didn't say some stupid **** like Lil Wayne as greatest l=

lol true. I just felt that Jay was more consistent then Nas. But yeah just opinions.
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