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Default Re: Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

A.J. Abrams dropped 23 points today, going 8-17 from the field, 2-6 from three, and 5-6 from the line. He took some tough shots off the dribble, but made a number of contested catch and shoot jumpers from the outside. He also made a major impact on the defensive end, showing great anticipation in the passing lanes en route to 5 steals. This game was largely indicative of what kind of player Abrams is: a scorer who can bring the ball up the floor, but isn’t going to make his teammates better. Despite his ability to get steals, there are still plenty of question marks regarding who he might defend at the next level.

Aj Abrams = slightly better Eddie House

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I've mentioned on the college board too, but I love Matthews. He's a great player. He's really one of those do a little bit of everything type of guys. When James got hurt, this guy took over so much responsibility. Much moreso than his teammate, Jerel McNeal, who's a better scorer, and seemed to draw more media attention because of it. But Matthews seemed to be asked to take the bigger shots. He's a really good rebounder at his size. A very good defender both inside and out. And his ball handling, while apparently not sharp here, looked good to me. He was asked to initiate a lot offense down the stretch last year. I actually fear his all around game won't play in the NBA. He won't be a star, and he's not good enough at any one thing to be a true role player. I hope he sticks, but he may wind up an overseas star. He reminds me a little of Ryan Gomes, but he's not quite as good a shooter.

I think if he works on his outside jumper, he has a chance to be similar to Matt Barnes who IMO is the perfect role player.

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